Giving It Forward Together - GIFT

Giving back to those in need!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I donate?

Well first, thank you!!!!!  All you need to do is click on the Donate page at the top of your screen or click here.

Are my donations to GIFT tax deductible?
Not at this time. GIFT is working very hard to achieve a 501 (c) (3) status.  Once we get the status any donations to GIFT will be tax deductible.

If I donate to a charity at one of GIFT’s fundraising events is that donation tax deductible?
If the event is held to raise money for a charity that is filed 501(c)3 then yes, all donations would be tax deductible.  Please note that not all fundraising events are guaranteed to be held for a non-profit charity.  For example, if GIFT is hosting an event for a needy family in the community, your donation would not be tax deductible until GIFT receives this status. 

How many paid employees does GIFT have?
Zero, GIFT does not have any paid employees.  GIFT is completely made up off volunteers.

Does GIFT take a donation by credit card?
Not yet.  GIFT is working on this and should be able to accept credit card donations the week of June 8th.

How does an individual or a company become a sponsor of GIFT?
Interested sponsors may email GIFT at  GIFT will contact you with all the information you need. There is also more information on the Events page.  You may also click here.