Giving It Forward Together - GIFT

We Need Your Help!

Giving back to those in need!

Many historians agree that it took well over ten thousand people and at least twenty years to build the Egyptian Pyramids.  Just think what GIFT could accomplish with those resources.  Yes, that’s where you come in.  We need your help!!  

There are two things GIFT needs help with so far.  One, GIFT needs volunteers to help with the Fifth annual Ride The Tide For The Joy School of Pawleys Island fundraising event.  Now don’t think you’re too old or too young to help.  Don’t be confused here.  WE ALL HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO HELP OTHERS.  Gift will need volunteers with parking, set up at the landings, helping participants in and out of the water, organizing gift bags, registration the day of the event, and on and on and on……..  

Secondly, GIFT needs volunteers to show the world that ordinary people can make a difference.  If you cannot volunteer for the “Ride The Tide For Diabetes” but would like to help out in the future that would be great too.  Gift will have many opportunities for you to help.  

Just check the appropriate box below and GIFT will be sure to get back in touch with you.  And Thank all of you in advance for your help!!